Monday, April 28, 2014

Instragram and is it really nostalgia?

I seem to be attracted to making instagram images look vintage and was exploring the attraction to that. This article in the New Yorker talks of several reasons.  "essentially, we become our own documentation and archivists in order to impose meaning on daily life...." I have always been a chronicler of family life, keeping family diaries since the late 70's (pics, drawings,etc). I suppose on some level this can be true, although I don't consciously feel the need to impose meaning on my daily life as much as depict it. 
"Much of Instagrams appeal, however, comes from something more simple: it makes everything our lives, ..... look better".  I am sure many may use instagram as a tool to do this, but there are just as many who show a side to our lives that celebrates the joys of life, the beauty of nature, the human condition, the amazing little things right in front of us we don't take the time to see as we rush around our lives. Instagram for me presents an opportunity to stop and smell the roses. 

 Nostalgia doesn't work either,  but her take on all photographs being memento mori hit the nail on the head.

Cemetery London Ohio ©2014

This image could be now or a hundred years ago, and that is the point, the minute I took it was a past moment, a fragment in my timeline on this earth. 

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