Monday, April 28, 2014

face of asthma

I was fighting for my breath, and trying desperately NOT to panic. 
asthma emergency room photo
I don't even have chronic asthma 
BUT the combination of anxiety, asthma, and allergies got too much. There is a sense of helplessness that in itself is scary because even when you're thinking all is calm, all is fine, your body just goes it's own merry bloody way. So off I went to the emergency room. After a few hours, ekg, saline drip, etc things calmed down and I got back to my normal self.
I read somewhere that asthma is a "risk factor for the development of panic disorder". I can see how the fear of not being able to breathe leads to that kind of vicious cycle. 
Asthma UK: Stress and Anxiety

While I don't fall in the category of year round or chronic asthma I think I should keep an asthma chart and action plan. It's spring and it's time to get back to using the inhaler, and take allergy meds preemptively.
People with asthma underestimate attack risk

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