Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All About Selfies

Art at Arm's Length: A History of the Selfie
Robert Cornelious is the first known selfie 1839, so Wiki says. Of course the term selfie is new, but the act itself is not. As long as there have been camera's there have been selfies. I am amazed at how many sites are dedicated to them, as well as ideas for taking selfies
 I have never liked being photographed to start with, so taking a selfie is an interesting challenge. 
I like art challenges.
selfie with mirror omnia vanitas
Omnia Vanitas

There is, like all things taken to extremes,  a BAD side to it too.
From a woman spending thousands on plastic surgery so she could take a better selfie to suicide and mental health problems.
I will ignore the "in bad taste" issue, it goes without saying there are just some people who crave shock value.
Buzzfeed did a list of the Best Selfies of All Time (love the cheeky monkey one).
Finally there is the new movement, Ugly Selfies, "a rejection of validation through irony." In the spirit of the ugly selfies, here is mine and it was an accidental selfie I took at my friends house eeeeeek!  
accidental ugly selfie

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