Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Olfactory Assault-The Good and the VERY Bad

Dinner at Pasha Grill for our wedding anniversary and as always fabulous service,ambiance,and food. We shared our fave dessert k√ľnefe and drank Turkish tea.
Thank goodness there was half a wall/filigree screen between us and another couple and I was spared of having to smell the man's aftershave constantly. I would get whiffs now and again and it was gross. I don't mean just strong, it was like a tidal wave of cheap chemicals that assaulted my nose with a thousand swords of venomous particles, stinging and rattling around my brain like mad little creatures trying to find a place to settle. By the time dessert arrived he had gone, phew!!!!!!!!!!! and I could enjoy the sweet smell of our dessert.


How to Tell if You Wear Too Much Perfume
Untested Chemicals and Fragrance Toxicity
Letter to people who wear too much cologne
Okay, so I have to make a comment about this lawsuit because it may seem over over the top, but having experienced a mild case of Anaphylaxis, this is no joke. It goes beyond just being uncomfortable and descends into the terrifying when you realize the throat is closing and you can barely breathe.  I think the lawsuit could have just been avoided if the co-worker wearing the perfume had been considerate and just stopped wearing that particular perfume-sigh! 

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