Saturday, February 15, 2014

Threats of Lawsuits: Survival Magazine and The Color Run

Unfortunately I do, sigh! 
Just as I was typing this blog entry, this came up on my feed: The Color Run Sues College Photographer After He Asks for Compensation for Image
The Color Run sues student after he asked to be paid for image use
Image used with permission 
You can see the original letter the student photographer sent to try and open negotiations here. I'm going to leave the viewer to draw their own conclusions but keep in mind that we are talking about a young student dealing with a major for profit entertainment company worth millions who used his photograph for print and national advertizing.

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2/16/2014 UPDATEThe Color Run and maxxsphotography have reached an agreement.
FStoppers has an update from The Color Run and some words of wisdom.


Some just face a wall of silence and this is happening with my friend Crystal Heis who is frustrated in her attempt to either have her  image of hers removed or be payed a modest licence fee.
copyright infringement
After a couple of weeks of silence and another  attempt to resolve the matter with the website owner Crystal is left frustrated. 
If someone (website designer or owner) takes the time to put a copyright notice on their website, it is obvious they don't want people plagiarizing it, yes? 
So why not respect a photographers copyright?

Seriously I think some people earn 

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Cindy Schnackel said...

Great post. I have seen much more awareness of this problem over the last couple of years. How can artists not notice? It is becoming rampant. LOVE your "Poo Award!" That's priceless!