Thursday, February 13, 2014

Letter to Copyright Thieves and Infringers and Redbubble KICK OFF.

I just thought I would write this for a lark!
However if some of these people want to do the right thing I would be happy to share that here and do a wee happy dance.

So here is a spin art painting I did back in 2010 called Black Lace 
which was used for a video and album cover of a well known Canadian Singer.
 How it got there I cannot say?
I kid you not it was all over the internet.
Was I shocked!I had NO IDEA until I did a reverse image search

I called it black lace because I just LOVED the way the black paint spread out on the yellow as I was spinning the album.

It is now available 

spin painting black lace by jafabrit

at my shop here
 as a phone cover (minus the watermarks of course)
Just think you can call your lawyer with such a cool phone :0

thanks for visiting my blog
have a GREAT day.

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