Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Spreads Like A Virus

The painting that is.
 My jafapal, Nancy, and I did it back in 2006 when Nancy had her Getaways for Women and  created a fun Jackson Pollock workshop.  After posting it online (high res-BIG mistake-never NEVER again) it took off and somehow became attributed to Jackson Pollock, go figure! 
  I just googled the image and there are a 154 results.
Many of the results lead to scraper sites that offer free wallpapers, and seriously you want risk downloading it?
Can you believe we cut the huge canvas up?   We were going to recycle the pieces into another jafagirl art project.
Still have parts of it around the house.
It seems many feel they can just freely grab images off the internet and use them however they pretty bloody well please (read here about copyright info). By the way ours is NOT a copy of anything Jackson Pollock did.

hah, so someone is selling a copy of it on ebay as a jackson pollock

UPDATE 6/17/2015

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Jean said...

Best phone cover ever! and great crazy story!!! jean xox