Monday, February 03, 2014

Embroidered Photographs

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Today I am talking about embroidering photographs using a couple of old photographs from a trip to San Diego 2003
 This is a cheeky gull and somehow he just needed a fascinator. Embroidering photographs needs some planning because it's kind of tricky. I was playing and experimenting, so I'm not going to beat myself up over the rather sloppy looking stitchwork.  
Alas nothing like the fabulous ones I saw at the Baltic by Maurizio Anzeri.
heart embroidery
This one is a wee bit better.

Here are some links to some AMAZING and inspiring examples of stitched photographs.

At ArtStormer Stacy Page and Jose Romussi

A very unique approach by Diane Meyer who adds embroidered pixelated sections to her photographs. 

LOVE the freedom of Melissa Zexter's work and the choice of photographs.

WOW! Inge Jacobsen, the detail and stitching!

Laura Mckellar and some great close up shots

Here is a wonderful article, by John Foster,  about the history of embroidered photographs with some gorgeous vintage examples.

ah, getting better
embroidery french knots
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