Saturday, February 08, 2014

Drawing: Effective Practice and Human Proportion for Figure Drawing

Truth be told there is nothing simple about it, but it sure looks like it is.
figure drawing
15 or 20 minute pose

Doesn't look like much does it? This is one of my favourite drawings from my weekly visit to Life Drawing Studio. My favourite study because for the first time I actually felt I was able to depict a back  with simple lines. 

Famous Examples 
Image Public Domain US
Image Public Domain US

A humorous but GREAT approach to teaching human proportion for figure drawing.

by Merrill Kazanjian

Practice! Practice! Practice!
and I like the advice of this artist Paul Foxton on Effective Practice.

Paul has a GREAT site, Learning to See, which is a practical guide to better drawing.

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Casey Klahn said...

Cool! I am after some of what I used to know and more as far as drawing the figure.

I'll send you some good links if I find any.