Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thieving Birds, Attribution and Textile Art

First time I saw this thieving bird, Sam, in this funny news clip from Scotland, it had me in stitches. 

I don't mind THOSE type of thieving birds, but I do mind the ones that abuse copyright or share images indiscriminately. Someone sent me this photo and knowing my love of street art, birds & textile art this really made me smile.
clare sams textile art
Image used with permission of the artist Clare Sams
there was no attribution, no link. 
It really is NOT difficult or time consuming to find the source of an image;I found it in 6 seconds. I just right clicked on the image and did a "search google for this image", and it brought up 345 results for feral pigeon, with the artist's website being the first one listed, Clare Sams.  
Putting aside the thieving birds who just grab images to use for meme's, black hat seo, and scraper sites, if you like this artist's work then why not give credit where credit is due.
I'm glad I took the time to source the image, visiting her website is a real treat, especially if you enjoy seeing how an artist uses "knitting needles and yarn to document modern life".

Clare Sams Twitter

Another tip for sourcing images quickly
 source img bookmarklet.

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