Monday, January 13, 2014

Retro Corner: Then and Now from Ingenue AD to Fin Dac

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Ingenue Magazine July 1967

There are some things from the 60's I am very happy to leave behind, but I loved the cornsilk ad's back then, and still do. They have a stylistic appeal that continues today with stencil graffiti artists.

The one's I've done are pretty simple

one layer spray on yarnbombing        three layer bird on a cd

but there are some artists whose stencils are so layered and complicated it makes my mind boggle.One of my favourite stencil artists is  Fin Dac.

Image used with permission and ©FinDac

You can see more on his website on tumblr
If you like his work you can buy screenprints at pretty portal.
Image used with permission and ©FinDac

 You can also find him on finbarr dac fb pageFlickr or Twitter. I like his quote "I create my art to keep myself happy...if others like it then that's a great by-product".
Pretty much sums it up for me.

Artist Series: FIN DAC from Abid Khan on Vimeo.

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