Monday, January 06, 2014

Photography: Fruit in a Bowl and Tea Time

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Feast for the Eyes and Palate
Image available for licencing
Image available for licencing

I love thrifting/garage sales and found this 12 piece Bone China Wedgwood dinner service, Charnwood, last summer. Very old fashioned (discontinued line), but since I enjoy serving traditional tea now and again I couldn't resist. However this is't teatime nosh, but what I had for breakfast.

All About Teatime
There is cream tea, afternoon tea, low tea and high tea; high tea being called teatime (our dinnertime) in the industrial North of England.

How to make tea with the help of an expert ;)

Oh heck with that; I throw the teabags, pg tips, in the teapot. Big NO to microwaved water, it makes 'orrible tea and here is why.  Also one does not have to have their pinky sticking out pointing to Texas when drinking a cuppa and Fortnum and Mason agree with me.

Also there are a whole range of brilliant sarnies besides the tired old cucumber number. Okay! wait, err, this apple and cucumber recipe from the BBC sounds very nice. Check out lovesarnies for some ideas and if you are really really really curious who won the Sandwich Designer of the Year award for 2013.
However if you really want to go the traditional route, then here is a feast for the eyes Downton Abbey Style, YUM.

10 Best Sandwich Recipes from the Guardian
Lavender and Lovage: Stotty Cakes (not an actual cake but a Geordie type of bread).

Well, time for a cuppa and a good laugh.
see ya!

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