Monday, January 27, 2014

Million Dollar Company Funny Copyright Notice Response: Long Live the Meme

Those were the parting words of a website owner and British author in a short email correspondence.
Oh, yes, groan, it's my spin painting white blossom AGAIN.

I politely asked that he remove this users image as per their TOS rules. I guess he wanted to use his Oxford First Class Psychology Degree on me because his response was classic.
Some of my friends wanted me to write back  and say, "So you want artists to not be paid, you don't care if their images are stolen"  or "you would people did not make a living" is this correct?"

He knows! he is an author and website owner who understands copyright (his website TOS rules make that clear). He also knows artists like to be paid, after all he has a book on Amazon that has copyright material stamped on it and costs £28.99.  He knows all about moral rights.

Considering that his site is going into partnership with Cambridge University Press,  received $5.1 million in funds back in 2012, and his company is estimated to be worth $1,718,316.00, the response to my copyright notice is pretty shocking.

Did he remove the image?
Yes, although it took another email to let him know that it had been registered with the US Copyright Office and I was giving him a chance to remove it before a dmca notice was filed with google search and his webservers.


Had to add this. someone asked me what this education site was teaching, theft?
It's an Educational site teaching English and memory skills and how to say theft in over 200 languages ;)

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