Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Local Art Friends create cheeky app for itunes

An entertaining alphabet app for children 
created by Michael, Joanne, and their sons.
Featuring illustrated letter shapes emitting hilarious back-end body sounds, the interactive alphabet.
More about it here.

LOL, Toot-Torial

I wrote on my sidebar that my blog is also about all the things that inspire me, that includes all my art friends and people around me. It was Michael who introduced me to Posterman Paint Markers and it was Joanne that got us puckering on the local radio ;)

Surrounding Yourself with Creativity
I thought this quote from Enrico Moretti, "the reason you move from Ohio or Israel to Silicon Valley is to be where the action is": interesting in the article Why Your Friends Shape Your happiness, Creativity, and CareerInteresting because I live in a village of 3,500 in Yellow Springs, Ohio and I have never seen so many amazing writers, filmmakers, artists, innovators, concentrated into such a small area. 
Local resident Julia Reichert is being nominated for an Oscar again; I believe it is her fourth nomination.
Nice article and I like the author's, Drake Baer, opening sentence. 

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