Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A Major Case of Pareidolia

You remember when you were little and you swore you saw faces in the wallpaper,  curtains, or bedspread, that's Pareidolia.

Maybe I had a wee bit too much sherry over the hols but there it was, a skull in the crochet doily on the welsh dresser. Dang! I hadn't noticed it before lol! Maybe it's because the weather is grotty and there isn't much to see on my daily walks, but I seem to be finding all sorts of critters in trees. Can't blame the sherry for those one's, wink! wink!  

This dragon paper sculpture featured on Slate is very clever

Bored Panda has some hilarious pics, my two faves bing the Drunk Washing Machine and coat hanger octopus 

The mystery of the monkey tree

What I wondered as I was writing this post is if some people are more susceptible to pareidolia. The answer is yes according to this article.  

This has been a post by your's truly, jafabrit, aka c. bayrak aka spuggy
Have a good one


Anonymous said...

Those Panda pics are aMAZing!
Thnx for sharing.

(Interesting what you saw...I was seeing a Viking dragon, a deer head, just a 'Wizard of Oz' tree and ??? (Until you pointed out where the skull I see it. Duh. )

Thanks for another fun post. Happy New Year!


JafaBrit's Art said...

oh you are right about the Viking Dragon :) It looks like the prow of a viking ship.