Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WONDERSPUN and The Wonder of It

Yes, apparently I am absolutely so brilliant that this award winning Design Firm said they would love to hire me for projects in the future and pay me handsomely for my work
not for the one they used ahem! 
Even though, as they stated on their website, they had a wonderful opportunity to brand Wonderspun for their upcoming film "Manny",  I was told it was a special favour to a friend

and he didn't choose it and there was no payment involved. So there ya go.
Kudos for a VERY polite kiss off though.

oh, ps: recognize the spin art lol, yea, the one people keep thinking is done by damien hirst.


Funny enough Wonderspun advertized a logo competition on Design Crowd and the 1st place winner got $750.
 This WAS the winner
but it seems it has been withdrawn 
and his account closed.

Looks very similar to this one on here.


Anonymous said...

BTW, that '' doesn't seem to credit ANYONE.
The only way you'd know is if they have their 'tag' on the pic.
Makes me wonder how many other artists they've snagged from w/out credit...


JafaBrit's Art said...

It is a scraper site, that scrapes content and then earns income every time someone clicks on their links.