Sunday, October 13, 2013

David Byrne article so IRONIC

It is titled "the internet will suck all creative content out of the world," and featured in the Guardian News.
"The boom in digital streaming may generate profits for record labels and free content for consumers, but it spells disaster for today's artists across the creative industries".

HELLO readers, yes, a disaster!
The IRONY part.
Some of the WORST offenders in my case, and the bulk of copyright theft and abuse of my images, have been by, you guessed it, musicians, singers, recording artists,  bands, dj's, etc. 

It has become impossible for me to continue to share images on my blog now because they get sucked up, scraped, hotlinked, shared, pinned, distributed, ripped off, sold, and most often by the very people who are the first to scream copyright of their OWN label, brand, work.

It's great that someone started the Content Creators Coalition to empower creatives (specifically musicians) BUT really what about when it's the recording artists, etc who are ripping off visual artists like me and YOU? 

Just pondering the ironies in this mad world we called the internet ;)

Just this weekend I found three music sites that "had" used my images and I guess removed them before I filed notices (cached on google image search).


Anonymous said...

Oh, YAH CB...

TOTALLY ironic, considering that lot's prickly as all get-out about their compositions and lyrics. Kind of funny when you think there's like what-11?-whole and half notes in a scale! Someone is SO much more likely to come up with a similar composition. Might just have different phrasing or rhythm or...

Really, though, I don't think many of them (like most people who hire an agency or graphic designer to design advertising for them) would ever think to point-blank ask whether the design is original.

I mean, since before computers we've all had and used (licensed) typefaces-back then it was Linoterms and presstype-and ClipArt.
Commercial artists are paid to do a job and there's almost NEVER any retention of copyright for an image. It transfers to the client.
And-think about this-visual artists are the only artists I can think of whose work is offered to the public for free. WE don't charge admission to showings of our work-much different than musicians, dancers, actors, writers (usually/often, unless it's a 'festival' or some such thing.)

So then the Internet comes along to a public already primed to consume 'art' for free.
And although pretty much true, the fact that we freely admit that we create 'because we must' (as opposed to just about any other profession...think of your doctor or accountant or...) kind of gives the public permission to freely indulge.
Well, anyway...
So how to change all this?
First off, it would be nice if we had an umbrella group to mount an ad campaign to educate the public. You know, something like pics of hungry little waifs and a tag line of 'we have nothing to eat cuz Mommy/Daddy's work got stolen.'
I know, that was bad :-) but you get my drift.
The other thing might be to get our news media to run some stories on how much time and money it takes to learn, develop, execute and present our Work. Maybe compare and contrast it to other professions.
And what about a small admission charge to openings/festivals, etc.? If nothing else, it'd help defray the cost of the wine and cheese!
Plus, we tend to value things we pay for more than freebies.

Just some thoughts.


xoxoxo Treena

Anonymous said...

K, addendum n mea culpa...

just finally got around to reading your VARA link.
So all these issues are basically covered under Federal law. Good, cuz Federal judges tend to get redneck about stuff. :-)
Mostly, wouldn't it be nice if groups like the Content Creators Coalition would include ALL of us? (Again, it smacks of that bit of musician snobbery.) Cuz then you could complain to THEM and it would hopefully be more persuasive to, if not those recording cos, then the artists whose work YOUR work is promoting. And they'd have no moral standing to not pipe up and get their promoters to either remove your images or (better?) pay you for them!

That is all...xoxoxo