Friday, October 25, 2013

Copyright Infringement: Weird Excuse

Recently I was told by an infringer that not only was I lucky they used my image, it's a great way for people to notice my artwork. 

Yes, so how do people notice YOUR artwork if nobody knows it's YOUR artwork?

The whole point is to be noticed so people will either buy your work or licence your work, yes!

  Copyright Infringement Excuses
  • But we didn't make money off it
  • But we downloaded it from google image search and didn't think there was copyright attached (company told me this one)
  • It was used for non profit event
  • Millions of others are doing it
  • We are no longer using the image so we shouldn't have to pay for it.
  • The web designer/intern did it
  • You are not a professional 
  • We changed the colours and it's fair use
  • We added text and transformed it so it's fair use.
  • A designer in Belgium sold it to me
  • no copyright infringement intended
  • It's a good way to promote your work
  • Well it's not a very good image anyway

I love Pixsy's list of copyright infringement excuses and explanations on why they are stupid. A common one is "your photo isn't that great".  Amazing how an image suddenly becomes "crappy" when the infringer is caught ;)

From Photo Attorney Carolyn E.Wright the legal angle of the most common excuses.

As PetaPixel states, "google is a not a free stock photo agency", and images on facebook are not public domain.


Anonymous said...

What chutzpah, eh?

Makes you want to reach right through the Web and throttle them!!!!

Thanks for the post. Waiting for the day that you 'hit it' nationally! xoxoxo

(P.S. Have you been following this little bit of Banksy conundrum?)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Oh boy, that is a conundrum. thanks for the link.

thanks for dropping by :)