dickie birds & ironing boards

A dickie bird

Lyn asked what a "dickie bird" is and it means a small bird. It is also cockney rhyming slang: I didn't say a dickie bird (word). A spuggy is Geordie (Northern English) for sparrow. I know I have mentioned this before but we have new readers :)

An Ironing Board

I've discovered a new use for my ironing board besides ironing :) says I with a slightly evil grin like a cheshire cat. I have been using it as a work table for my wood quilt project, lower it for drilling holes, heighten it when I need to sew the pieces together. I don't have to keep getting up and down like a yo yo, which was doing a number on my back.

I am painting wood with acrylic and oil, then cutting out the patches on a scroll saw, drilling holes and then stitching together with plastic coated wire (from the electronic store filled with bins of parts and wires-oh it was heaven for an assemblage artist) .

This isn't the first time I have stitched wood together, but not as a quilt.
The first time was when I stitched these panels together for this piece called "sacrificial sundae" and I really liked the effect.


Gunfighter said…
My first time visiting... I like your art.


jafabrit said…
thanks for visiting, glad you like my art :)
Angela said…
Wonderful job girl! I know what you mean by getting up and down like a yo yo. I do that sometimes.

It's fun to learn new things and experiment. I find you are always working on one thing or another when visiting your blog. I love it!

When working on wood, do you have to prime it first?
jafabrit said…
angela, I use Art Boards™ Acrylic Panel Gesso, which is specifically formulated for use on wood panels. I use three coats to seal the front and a couple of coats on the back. Glad you enjoying visiting here.
HMBT said…
I love the idea of a wooden quilt...and I am painting my own inspired by your video set of birds...I was watching your video and got this idea in my head and now I am two days into a painting about little birds...but they are not really little...never mind you'll see when I get them done...later!
What a fabulous idea!
I knew there was a higher purpose for the ironing board - most loathed of household symbols...
The Lone Beader said…
I love that bird=:)
Janvangogh said…
I like the idea of using the wire instead of hinges.

How big is this quilt going to be?
jafabrit said…
hiay Jan, it is actually going to be a full size copy of a quilted vintage kimono I have. Well, that is the plan.

domestic minx, I shall refrain from my usual colourful metaphors to describe the ironing board, but I totally agree!!!!

hmbt, I look forward to seeing the results of something I inspired. How cool is that :)

I love that little birdy lone beader. If you ever want to do a version in beads I bet it would be cool :)
I really like the quilt idea. I have a lot of small cedar shakes that are thin and would lend themselves nicely to a project like that. I could either paint on them or grill salmon on them. I will have to file that idea along with the thousand other ones that are rattling around in my head.
Cynthia said…
I have been using my ironing board as an additional work surface as well - good thing too, since I don't iron!

I'm intrigued by your process and look forward to the finished "quilt".
Dr.John said…
Sticjing wood. Is there anything you can't use as an artistic medium?
LynClay said…
Oh J.B. I love your creative mind and the way you use all those different mediums!! I think of you like an artist pioneer exploring all kinds of new and interesting things. Thanks for explaining what a dickie bird is! Now this is a much better use for an ironing board LOL!
Lisa said…
Fun idea!

I love to iron my fabric but never use a regular ironing board (it's presence might indicate I know how to iron more - which I don't)