Friday, June 21, 2013

Copyright Lawsuit BuzzFeed and Man fired from Job he Invented

Marie Kazalai at Artist Marketing Resources shared a link with me about a current lawsuit against BuzzFeed by a photographer.
Buzzfeed is estimated as a $200 million dollar company by the Wall Street Journal and makes it's money from advertizing.

The photographer was asked why he is asking so much and he should get a life(which is a drop in the bucket compared to the income this company makes) in his lawsuit, but really the bigger question is why should anyone/companies profit from the work of others?
When Artists try to protect their work and source of income, why take the side of lazy greedy companies or individuals who can't be bothered to do the actual work themselves?

Mutli Billion Dollar Company steals name and brand from Turner Barr who created Around the World in 80 Jobs

#make it right #80jobs

One company continues to use the photograph of my spin art spin painting white blossom. 

and giclee copies are selling on Amazon as a Damien Hirst for a hefty price.
Apparently my telling them back in May that it was copyright to me didn't make a heap of difference. 
Be nice if Amazon let me know how many were sold and I could send them a bill eh!

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