Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Copyright Theft: Gargoyle Painting

UPDATE= My gargoyle painting was removed from flickr by the artist
 and I did get a profuse apology.
his video on Vimeo was also removed because it was used in the video.

That really isn't the end of all the places my painting has been posted as part of the marketing.  I wasn't asked, wasn't credited, wasn't payed.
History of the Painting
Oil on wood 
Hanging in the Den
Some of you recognize the Chair, yes, I used if for another painting that was ripped off.

Just because images are available for view on the internet does not mean it is free to download and use. Image search engines state that all images may be subject to copyright.
"Copyright attaches as soon as an original work is created, and applies to published and unpublished works."


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Jean said...

I am completely infuriated by this.
glad you are in a fighting mood! me too! Anything I can do to help I will, including dropping him a line, as suuggested. xox jean