Friday, May 17, 2013

Copyright Infringement: NIPIC user claims my graffiti alley image is his

NiPic contacted me and have REMOVED my photograph from their site
thank you 

Discovered this this morning.
Ripped off again,Yes, another example of my photograph (online version embedded with my signature) that is being used, this time in NiPic and uploaded by  lihaiqiang on  April 15th, 2010 with  no attribution to me, or where it was taken, or what link it was taken from. It has already been downloaded by 12 people. If you do a right click and look at the elements it deosn't seem to have any reference data that signifies who what or where.

I have sent a message this morning to NiPic and I'm hoping they will do the right thing  and remove my image from their website.

My graffiti image was featured in London Street Design Magazine April 10th 2010 

While I have always known placing images online is risky I was able to keep track of that. Unfortunately the current attitude and indifference to copyright in the last few years has led to a huge shift in copyright abuse. It wasn't until I started doing a  reverse image search on google a couple of weeks or so ago that I  discovered an astonishing amount of theft of my work.

NO I am NOT flattered. Getting ripped off isn't flattering at all.

Until I get things sorted I have deleted my flickr account,removed images from picasa, and put most of my blog entries here and other places into draft. 

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