Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue Skies and Poppies:Being Thankful

As the horrific news unfolded in London, and the horror of it screamed at my soul I was reminded that there are some things in life that are just MORE important than getting ill and all het up about a few you know what's.
That is about the politest way I can describe copyright thieves who have been stealing or using my images to promote or profit from. Talk to me privately I will use more colourful language.
blue skies of ohio by c.bayrak aka jafabrit
 The blue skies are beautiful, poppies are blooming, grass is green, blossoms continue to exude their sweet scent and I am thankful. 

I am thankful my family is safe, I am thankful for my health, I am thankful for the many friends online and off (you know who you are)who have offered support, wisdom, links, referrals for legal support and kind words as I have struggled with so many copyright violations.

I am thankful to live in a community filled with amazing people, kind people, generous people. 

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