Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gussied Up Porch Geese and the Meerkat Craze in the UK

I remember being fascinated with them when I first came to America. They seemed to be all over Ohio at the time, that and painted fire hydrants. Some of the costumes were hilarious, some basic and some very elaborate. I thought they must do this ALL over America, but I rarely saw them in other States and realized it was an Ohio thing. Rarely see any now.
You can see a little about The History of Goose Lawn Ornaments on this website.FLickr has a group for Lawn Geese Statues. 
My dear jafapal Nancy ♥ remembered my stories about my earlier years and impressions as an immigrant and made me this for my birthday.
Came in a special Nancy decorated box with several hand sewn costumes. I just couldn't stop laughing and what a gift that is.
Meanwhile back in the UK garden gnomes are passé, meerkats are all the craze

They even have a cult following, some even seeing their faces in a garden fence. This tv ad really ramped up the craze.

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