Sunday, April 21, 2013

Customized Monopoly Game for Yellow Springs, Ohio

Thanks to Bob Swaney from Corner Cone who instigated the idea and Brian Housh who has overseen the project and pulled together a huge community effort Yellow Springs Ohio is going to be getting it's very own customized Monopoly Game.
Fellow artist Kathy Moulton designed the board which is wonderful. Can you see the knit knot tree?  There is even a Get out of Jail Free Card with my pic of local officer Al Pearce helping us to yarnbomb  on Xenia Ave:) 
I can't wait to see all the wonderful cards and the customized game pieces when the game is launched in June.  I helped with the portrait image for the money for friend and biz owner of Constantina's Soul and then the design team at Bing Design got to work.

It's my Birthday today so time to buzz and get a bit fun in. Take care all.

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