Saturday, March 09, 2013

Not so Cute Really

altoid tin, velvet, embroidery text, shell, bottle caps, paper and plastic
Free Art Friday Box: Plastic Pollution
I know it looks cute on the lid, just as we think owls are cute but are we wise. We love our birds, owls and sea creatures and YET  we are killing them by the thousands with our plastic garbage. Sixty to  eighty percent of the marine litter is plastic and it doesn't degrade. Some friends of mine looked at the bird in the box and thought it looked so sad. Not half as sad as some of the pics I have seen of birds whose bodies are bloated with bottle caps and other garbage that killed them. 

What can we do? 
Easy Steps from Plastic Pollution Coalition

I know for my part it is hard to be plastic free, and a bit overwhelming because plastic is everywhere. I keep forgetting to take my cloth bags to the grocery store, grrrrrrrrrr.

About Free Art Friday: A worldwide movement where artists on any given Friday leave free art out in public for people to take home.


dryadart said...

This may be my fave FAF piece to-date. This one really speaks to me, as does the cause. Going plastic free is soooo hard, although I keep my cloth grocery bags in the car, my problem is my kids keep "borrowing" them to take stuff to college in!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks dryadart :) I guess it is a work in progress trying to go plastic free. There is only so much we can pay attention to and easy to get overloaded with this cause that cause and each as important as the other.