Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Drawing and Wall Art Issue


Before you give me the evil eye be warned if life drawing offends ye, don't scroll down.


This is for those who are new to my art blog and may wonder why on earth artists spend time drawing the human body; here is a handy link that might help explain it.
So here is last weeks humble effort
20 minute pose in graphite equaliized on adobe
My lines and proportions seem to be getting a little more confident and I'm able to get it down fast enough that I can spend time working on the hands and feet. This was only a 20 minute pose, so there is only so much I can do, BUT I feel I am improving.
I say that and won't you know that that blasted murphy will put a hex on my pencils this week. Well NOT on my pencils, I can't attend life drawing this week due to a horrid, awful, nasty, miserable, grotty cold.

Wall Art
Somebody was asking me why some bristle at the term wall art for 2D work. My answer is that it could be seen as reducing someone's work to nothing more than decoration and marginalizing their work. Which isn't to say there is anything wrong with wall art in and of itself but it is a description or category of work made specifically for home decor and/or mass produced. Not all 2 D work fits into that category, so it becomes an inaccurate description.  That's my humble take on it.

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