Friday, March 08, 2013

It's International Bunny Day

no wait, Women's Day. Like this Hare I just woke up and gathering me wits (with the help of a cup of strong tea).
Anyway I thought I would share a few links about Female Graffiti Artists who very "often find it hard to be taken seriously

"painting your voice in the street is an act of courage and transforming your city and making your gender visible on the wall . These female graffiti artists provide a model for the contemporary feminist movement."

I am not up to doing spray paint street art, and even if I could there are not enough walls left in Yellow Springs. HOWEVER I have found my own way of doing street art, currently with YS Put a Bird on It and Free Are Friday.

So this is what's going out for #FAFYES,(Yellow Springs Ohio now has a fb free art friday page) an old crushed beer can portrait I found stashed in the closet. Did it a few years ago and I am thinking I need to do a few more. These were fun to do.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
Female Graffiti Artists Tumblr

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