Saturday, January 19, 2013

Painting gets a Birdie

There are things I love about this painting and things I hate about it, but it ultimately  never worked for me. So this has sat in my studio for 3 years. Finally I decided I was just going to Put A Bird On It.

So out came my spuggy stencil. Doesn't look like it's improved the painting much BUT it's stopped the painting being so dammed precious. Now I can dribble, doodle, scribble and play, where it leads I cannot say.

Meanwhile in my sketchbook

I cut out a small mouse stencil and added it to my spuggy stencil.
I embroidered a piece of stained cloth and hung it on Xenia Ave after our Tweet Meet.
I saw this funny cartoon of a bird reading a book titled "pooping on people" and I thought it would be fun to share the belief in various parts of the world that if a bird poops on your head it's considered good luck.
First tweet meet was a blast, and it was great that others around us in the cafe wanted to join in. 
Virgil is a local healer, author, who was giving massages nearby and shared a wonderful bird story with us.
I asked Nancy, Celeste and Brian what should be a birdie greeting, ahem! So next time I see ya and you flip me the bird I won't be offended.

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