Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Visitation in a Dream

I met Colin Firth at his house and we had a bet that if he went out in public nobody would recognize him. So we took a walk and got on a very large bus with rows of seats like a movie theatre.  Weren't many seats left and so we separated and I sat near the front, he at the back.  A young native american tried to climb over the seat next to me but fell. When I tried to help him up a voice behind me said, "no! NO! don't touch him."  I turned and it was a another native american and I said I was sorry, so sorry. My eyes must have betrayed me because he told me, "you can't help him, he must do it himself," I say sorry again. 
Then he points a feather towards the video screen I am holding. I don't understand it, I don't understand why he wants me to watch a film of wolves chasing a dog and killing it. I watched it and then asked, "why, did you show me a film about dogs" and he says, "because you are hurting".  I cry, but he wipes away my tears with feathers (one was red and one was white) and then I try to tell him about my dog dying. "No, not to speak", he says, "write, tell me with writing".


That was it, didn't see Colin Firth again, he got lost in the crowd and I woke up. 
So with cup of tea in hand I got on the computer and did a search about wolves and dreams.
It is said in the medicine wheel that wolves are respected for having a strong sense of family and will only hunt the old and sick. 
On the Huffington Post the cultural reference about wolves states: "Certainly the North American Indian cultures and tribes find the wolf a very important dream symbol," notes Richmond. "It is considered a strong warrior symbol and is associated with wisdom and healing." 

Maybe it was the phone message from the vets office last night that triggered the dream. The thought of having to go back and see the place, and pick up rufus' ashes filled me with dread. Maybe it's my subconscious telling me to let go, but whatever it was, it was  powerful medicine.


zooms said...

Jafabrit, i have come late with my sympathy but please accept it. The ashes journey is a hard one.... but what a gift of a dream!

Much love and hugs, zooms x

dinahmow said...

I think the man with the feathers was of more help than Mr. Firth!

Rufus was a lucky boy.

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks zooms, dinah.
why mr. firth is beyond me lol, but oh, well, there ya go.