Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Sewing, Candy Canes and Panto

and it sat hidden in the cupboards for years since I bought it in a garage sale back in the 80's. Always intending to do it but oh well, you know how that goes.
Titan Needlecraft Felt Applique Tree Skirt Kit 1987
Still not quite finished (some pieces were missing), BUT ta DA! finished enough it can sit under the tree.  
Meanwhile outside on Boxing Day the candy canes dance in the trees as the snow and wind swirls around them.
I loved Boxing Day growing up in the UK. It was the day relatives and friends would visit and there was always more presents, food, sweeties,kids running amok, and watching cartoons or a pantomime on telly if we could.

err, yes, this years Christmas Cracker Jokes
What do you call a multi story pig pen?
a styscraper
Why did the scarecrow win so many awards?
Because he was outstanding in his field.
(we voted this the best one of the lot)
Why did the bacon laugh?
Because the egg cracked a yolk.
How does Good King Wencelas like his pizzas?
Deep pan, crisp and even.
(none of us got this one)


rangermoi said...

When the snow lay round about deep and crisp and even!

zooms said...

I have similar U.K. Boxing Day memories, thanks for reminding me and all the very best to you and yours!