Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Standing Tall in Texas and HOT

Visited San Antonio Texas and wearing cowboy hats was a must, not just because it's Texas but because the heat beats down on your head and wearing a hat is a saviour.  Hat hair is another story, ahem!
Bought the hats at El Mercado and ate at La Margarita and it was so fab that even the loo was cool.
Yes, I know strange, not a typical tourist pic, BUT it was hotter than the hinges of hell and the need for liquids means one has a major obsession or need to know where the nearest netty is. This was the NICEST one I saw in San Antonio, but I will give it to San Antonio, they have PLENTY of public restrooms. 
Putting aside the loo issue, I really enjoyed the market and the mariachis'. I didn't take this video, but it will give you an idea of the mood of the place.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! (Did you get a new pair of boots, too?)

I LOVE mariachi. Actually, I love all the Latin hot colors,too.

Did you see any cool art? How's the Riverwalk? Do they have a lot of festivals/events down around there?
I'd love to go for a visit...and check out San Padre n Galveston, etc. too...

Well anyway, good to have you back and may we expect some SW inspired art? :-)