Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hairy Mary She Was Scary

Dear Visitor, thank you for visiting and my apologies. Unfortunately due to the continued infringement, mining and exploitation of my images by individuals, spammers and companies I no longer have the incentive to show my photographs and artwork

The handy thing about having a doodle cloth/sampler is that in between projects I can play, experiment and practice stitches (version of the cretan stitch, buttonhole, running, couching).
 LINK: Embroidery Stitch Guide at the UK Embroidery Guild

It seems my next project is going to take a lot of time to even get started. Not because of the embroidery part, but the support requires experimenting with different materials and figuring out which is going to be the best surface for the embroidery. Frustrating because I just want to get on with it, BUT preparation part is very important so I know it has to be worth it.

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