Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I'd like to think my abstract scribbles would have pleased  Twombly but alas I think not, they are just scribbles. Looking at the ugly comments  below the youtube video about some of his work, there are many who regard his work as just that. Fortunately he ignored his critics and just got on with it. As this obituary article stated:"he seemed to welcome the privacy that came with unpopularity," and he said, "I had my freedom and that was nice."

I would be fibber if I said I was a HUGE fan, but when confronted with large scale paintings like this in the real (tiny reprints in magazines and books don't do them justice) and understanding the context they go beyond just mere scribbles. My bet is haters wouldn't be able to come up with their OWN abstract painting on that scale and pull it off.

Lepanto 2001

Cy Twombly website

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Petrena said...

Yah, haters is stooopid.

And I like your 'scribbles...' reminds me of a winter landscape, for some reason (probably the colors?)

XOXO Treen