Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scrapbook Snippets 1971: Fashion, Reggae & Art

Didn't like the dungarees but I liked the models shoes and blouse on the left. You might notice some of the girls in the video  wearing hot pant versions of these dungarees.
Oh yea!  Top of the Pops and  Double Barrel (was #1 on UK singles charts for two weeks in 71) by Dave & Ansil Collins and was my first fave record on the list in 1971.

 Spin Art
spin art on plexiglass by Annick Gendron 1971
and now
Nothing new in art eh! 

Jafabrit's spin art circa 2010


Petrena said...

Practically Painful...:-) But I wouldn't mind still being that size! Hah!

And I LOVED the '80's McCall's page.
Although I honestly think I like your felted chocolates better than those crocheted ones. They're really sensuous...

JafaBrit's Art said...

Ah, the days when I was a slip of a girl ;)

Yes, me thinks those crochet cushions look a tad uncomfortable. I agree, the felt chocolates :)

Michelle Smith said...

Hi JafaBrit!

I came across your blog, whilst searching for spin art ideas!

I am a store window designer and lifelong crafter from Toronto Canada (but who also lived in the UK during the early 90's)!

I have a question about how you made your lovely spin art records. Did you make a special apparatus to do them?

But I just had a lengthy look at your blog and I would also like to say...

1.I once worked "put a bird on it' into a window design and got called out for it on the internet!

2.I too love 70's crafts! Esp Craft Encyclopaedia Book sets! (proud owner of 4 different complete sets!)

3.I love the idea of craft activism (and will endeavour to work this into my life somehow!)! Although I'm on the fence about yarn bombing trees. Doesn't the bark need to be exposed to sunlight??

4. I also love when TV goes all pixelated! Except if it happens when Coronation Street is on and it's pertinent to the story line!

5. there's more to say, but it's late and I have to go pitch my spin art idea to a small clothing store in the morning.

You can find my work here:

I no longer work for the China Shop, I left in September to be happier/work less/have a more varied life!!

Warm Regards,