Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scrapbook Snippets 1970: Should Men Wear Makeup and Jacobean Embroidery

It was a big article in one of my FAVE Brit  Teen Mags, JACKIE
Funny that people are still asking that lol! as this article states. I guess it's one of those neverending questions :)
 Meanwhile Turner Prize Winner Grayson Perry  just gets on with it.

Interview info at Guardian News
I just LOVE his Textile Work and the story behind this tapestry piece.

Meanwhile back at studio Jafabrit
Doodle Cloth Sampler

I decided to add some french knot's, stem stitch and buttonhole stitch on the flowers based on the jacobean embroidery my mother did around the 1960's.
Needle n' Thread Jacobean Fuschia Stitch Pattern

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