Thursday, March 01, 2012

I have a say too

$2000-all proceeds go to planned parenthood
I am putting two pieces in the women's voices out loud show, a vagina flower called "privatorium mr.sanitorium, and with jafapal nancy's insistence, the embroidery photo "chill daddy'o." Both are a direct response to recent events. I never thought we would have to talk about this, but HERE we are.

It has played three major roles in my life.
1.It was prescribed initially to help control severe menstrual migraine attacks.
It's astonishing that I have to explain a doctors decision but, since over the counter pain medicine didn't work, and prescription meds are addictive with major side effects, the doctor felt balancing my hormones with the pill was the best choice, and it was.
2. Family planning
None of your business
sheesh, do I REALLY have to explain this, DUH!!!!!!!! 

I didn't invite the whole neighbourhood into the doctors office (do you?) to decide based on their beliefs or needs. These were decisions that were determined BEST for MY health, and were private decisions.  It's appalling that we even have to defend such private medical decisions, and have others determine what we should or should not do with our bodies.

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Dragonfly said...

Very well stated art.

Undaunted said...

"I didn't invite the whole neighbourhood into the doctors office (do you?) to decide based on their beliefs or needs."

Excellent point!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up re: the migraine thing. My daughter sometimes gets bad headaches around/during her period. I was suspicious it was hormonal, now I'm pretty sure! :-)

Anyway, I'm going to talk to her about how well the extra-strength Excederin really works; if it isn't cutting it, we might need to think about the Pill.
(My niece has polycystic ovaries; she's been on Jazmin (sp?) since HS to try to control it.)

I admit I'm kind of conflicted about this, but I want her to get relief. I don't want her to feel de-facto pressure to have sex just b/c she's 'protected.'

But thanks for the food-for-thought. I've heard of hormonal headaches, just never knew anyone who actually had them and could verify my suspicions...

JafaBrit's Art said...

Anon, I would say that when it comes to what medication it has to be a careful decision between your daughter (and you if she is a minor) and her doctor. all the best and thanks for dropping by :)

cauchy09 said...

this is one lovely vagina flower! still don't get how a candidate could be so out of touch and willfully ignorant.

deb said...

I too took the pill to control menstrual migraines, and for family planning. America has such an insane relationship with their bodies and sex. I don't talk about politics much online - but like you I am pretty incensed about this - maybe we should just go back to the 1920's and make it illegal for doctors to discuss birth control with women again? (that was sarcasm).
Your vaginal flower is amazing - woot you!!

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