Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Art Friday: Girl onThe Wire and all this Graff

Weather is nice today  

 and someone will be finding a free piece of art in town (Yellow Springs, Ohio). Clue: Look up, look down, who knows where, but she will be posted nearby.
Reminder: Free Art Friday is an art movement where artists leave free art out in public. It  is not an invitation to free use of art images.

Free Art Friday Blog
FAF Community Facebook Page
Graffiti Creator
Therapeutic Street Art
I love that it looks like a sofa
Street Art in IRAN 
 liked the point about the coke can

WOW, check out some of the GORGEOUS street art in Brazil in Michelle Young's Article. Street artist Smael Vagner said "the tagger wants to put his name on the wall, to be famous, and is a vandalist, but the [street] artist is interested in aesthetics and community."
This has been very much a concern for Nancy and I when doing street art, particularly yarnbombing. While some think yarnbombing is just knitting slapped up willy nilly, many yarnbombers consider the location and 
Graffiti as Interior Design
I LOVE the way they did it, and at least one has the soothing respite on the other half of the room from the mayhem of the other ;)
More about this on Juxtapoz Magazine Blog


Jennibellie said...

WOW!!! This post is great! I never knew about yarnbombing, that is SO AWESOME!! Thanks so much for shraing this, much love Jennibellie xxx

tammy said...

i really love your blog.....especially like your pic of your is spectacular!! and the video...i love street art...thanks for sharing