Tuesday, March 06, 2012

"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war"

Sketchbook with acrylic and ink

That's a line from Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar  Act 3, Scene 1, line 273. The phrase "dogs of war" is considered cliche or so it states on the wiki entry. Cliche or not it seems appropriate considering how many are beating the Iran war drums and ITCHING to unleash those dogs of war,as if we haven't had enough already. Sigh! 

In Military News Retired Generals State in an open letter No War of Choice with Iran

Meanwhile in Studio Jafabrit
I seem to have been taken over with some kind of evil domesticity bug lol! Only one solution, buy fabric and sew till it's out of my system.
First it was new cushion covers.
 Then not satisfied and having been smitten with this gorgeous bumi paisley print chiffon that was on sale.
I got the bright idea to make sheer curtains, arg!!!!!!! What was I thinking! Chiffon is horrid evil stuff to work with, especially with little shiny sparkle thingies that stop up the sewing machine needle. 
Of course not having PLANNED, I didn't have enough fabric and had to add a brown cotton section to the bottom. As it turns out I really like it that way. Once I paint the wall turquoise, get my patchwork floor pillows (that KAOS queen Karen is making me), the pink lava lamp on,the place will have that slightly bohemian look.

Blimey I am flipping exhausted, but the bug is almost out of my system, YEA! Time for a cuppa I think. Ta Ta for now.
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dinahmow said...

Go! Lysistrata! I walked down Edgware Road with a placard citing that!

And I wish I could have sheers! They'd be ripped to shreds on my louvre windows. sigh...

JafaBrit's Art said...

oh edgeware road, what memories, and what an image you conjure up dinah :) My kind of gal.

deb said...

I love those sheers - my fashion design diva daughter always makes a little exasperated sigh when i see a paisley - she's probably secretly glad they are on your windows - but wow! they rock. You must have such a fun and stylish home!!