Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Playing with my Dolls

The invitation for a solo show next year may have to wait as it seems this year is dedicated to exploring, playing and experimenting in my sketchbook or doodlecloth.  I painted my troll doll in acrylic, took a pic and then manipulated it on Adobe.  I think I may have to make a version for FAF.

Meanwhile on the subject of Shock Art
I have been thinking about Chawne's controversial quilt and some of the responses.   Sometimes people dismiss work that shocks them and disparage the artist. What if it wasn't meant to be shocking though? History is replete with examples of  master works that shocked many of their day. What if it was meant to be shocking, to challenge and make some uncomfortable, what is wrong with that? Why would it be wrong to shock a specific segment of the population and bring attention and a dialogue about an issue? 
 Shock Art-Controversial or Ahead of Time? 
 Interview with Ai weiwei who talks about his art,and how people with different ideas are persecuted.

Ai Weiwei documentary get's middle-finger salute at Sundance - Culture Monster


daisyfae said...

always loved my trolls! we called them "Ratfinks" when i was a kid...

cauchy09 said...

How did I not know about your blog? Suddenly my world has opened up by finding you here. Thanks for your wise words about the value of shock.