Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bronchial Boar

or is it bore, for that's what being sick is. I lost all energy or will to start anything. Tried to paint, gave up, tried to draw, gave up and then I thought of the advice I have given others when facing lack of motivation or artists block.
Play, doodle, dabble. So I took my own advice and started a stitch panel for 2012, no planning, just stitch whatever, whenever. I also thought it would be nice to kickstart the year doing something I rarely do, take a workshop. The workshop (mixed media stitched journal) is with one of my FAVE embroiderers, Victoria at Freedom of Stitch.

I tried the chicken broth recipe with fennel and I can't believe I have never had fennel before. If you know me, you will know I LOVE licorice, in fact I am a licorice fiend. I have now a new title, fennel fiend. I shall be roasting some today. 


daisyfae said...

New superhero match up: Bronchial Boar vs Fennel Fiend.

My money is on the Fiend!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you poor thing; you REALLY got a bad one!

Hope you get well soon and are then 'pre-disastered.'
For the REST of 2012!!!!

Re: the fennel...I actually don't care for licorice, but I do love fennel in a rub for pork. It really adds a great flavor. I'll have to try it on chicken when I roast it.
Thanks for the tip!

XOXOXO Take care of yourself....Treena

JafaBrit's Art said...

yay, fennel fiend ;)

Snail Cloth said...

Cool Bronchial Boar. I love your idea of doodling, I will have to try that sometime when I am blocked.

I also love fennel too. It grows wild and I love to pick some of the leaves and smell them.