rocks that make me drool!!!!!!!!!!

Claudio Bravo Pastel Drawing 1971

Spent a couple of hours at The Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State, and what a gem it is. Yes, you read that right, the above is a pastel. I thought it was a photograph at first and was floored when I realized it was a drawing. In the reflection is an Alex Katz aluminum cutout called Anne. I REALLY enjoyed the faculty exhibit, very inspiring, and makes me wish I was one of their students. Museum visits are always energizing, especially when I can spend hours exploring images all to myself.

Of course being a jafagirl I had to leave a wee present for FAF outside the museum. I just can't seem to help myself ;)


dinahmow said…
Pastel? WOW!
Cindy said…
That is an amazing drawing!! Wow!
Undaunted said…
*jaw drops open*