Saturday, November 19, 2011

Clowning Around

 I have no idea what possessed me Saturday to buy this ugly  99 Cent little oil painting (circa 1974 signed Dartin)when I was at the charity shop. I hate clowns (even have a blog entry about it back in 2010). No! not scared of them, just never liked them.
I will admit I liked HOW it was painted with buttery loose brushstrokes that get a sense of the figure. Something weird must be going on in the air. THEN I go to the art section of Huffington Post and what do I see an article about CLOWNS LOL!
Found this strange little video but it's what the clown said that caught my attention. Fake Happy Mask made me squirm as a child.

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tera said...

Maybe you can do some kind of cool needle work around it to make it a little less creepy. Or more creepy, depending on your frame of mind...