Sunday, October 23, 2011

Salon Chat on Craft Activism/Craftivism

Craft activism is a fairly new term and really took off after Betsy Greer joined the two words and coined the word craftivism in 2003. However the act of joining craft and activism  has a long history. An example that quickly comes to mind is the Arts and Crafts Movement in which the focus was promoting economic and social reform.
Nancy and I will be at the Yellow Springs Arts Council Experience Saturday event talking about craft activism, as well as the book we are in (Craft Activism by Joan Tapper and Gale Zucker)

I found a great blog entry by Robin Wood that also compares craftivism to William Morris's Arts & Crafts movement with some great questions.

Some may wonder how on earth this

or this

 fits in with being an activist.
We'll talk about it.

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Robin Wood said...

Thanks for the nice comment, can't beat a bit of craftivism. Hope the talk goes well.