Thursday, October 13, 2011

Doorway to the Hairy Art Palace

It's as jafapal Nancy imagined it, and much thanks to Susan and Talitha for helping put up the drapery.  The nose was made in 2008 and hung over a shop in town for  nearly three years until a new owner wanted to redecorate the front. In the background Mr.Plato is holding a copy of Craft Activism and keeping an eye on the felt stencil policewoman ;)
Reception is tomorrow, eeeeeeeeeek!
Main Entrance to the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery

Photo by Susan Gartner

Just coming to see the building (a local architectural treasure) is a treat in itself and has been a labor of love by the owner, Alan Macbeth, for 30 years.

Photo by jafabrit


daisyfae said...

oh drat... i shaved. i'll still stop by!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Not to worry, we have some portable hairy armpits available ;)