Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Crafting Hell and the German Connection

The Hell of Handicrafts and one of the questions Alex at the Guardian News asks is, "why do women want to embroidery when they could be reading Hegel?"  Perhaps instead it's because we are listening to Hegel wink! wink!  Fun article! and her 10 rules for happier handicrafters made me laugh. I like rule number one.

My own crafting hell is why on earth did I suggest to jafapal nancy we yarnpaint a whole flipping mannequin. ARG!!!!!!!

I feel like ripping parts of it off, grrrrrr, in fact when I get off here I already see a part I want to change. grrrrrrrr!

I love this story, Not about crafting hell but hell and crafting. I love that this POW managed to sneak subversive messages into his work.   It's also a reminder that sending stitched mail, and subversive stitch is not NEW. check out what he wrote in morse code on one of his embroideries LOL!

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