Sunday, July 31, 2011

Capturing moments and sketchbook

I love to capture moments and this was one of my fave's from Cirque Carnival in Yellow Springs.  It's been a lifelong habit of recording the world around me and putting them in diaries/scrapbooks, that has morphed into sketchbook/scrapbook and blogging (here, on the arts couuncil blog and jafagirl blog)

So here I am with bits of my life that may be about as interesting as watching a bird sit in tree for hours on end. BUT hey! if you're into bird watching (and I am a spuggy after all), sit back and enjoy.  

I got my hands on my daughters Bienfang Watercolour Pen set and been having fun with them in my sketchbook.

watercolour pen, pencil, photo collage, yarn, acrylic paint, pen & ink

I have never used them before, and I am loving them (I did the eye and the spider leaves and edge of paper with them). 

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