Storm.Siren.Power Cut

and I think of the horror for those in Joplin :(

 Whole town is out, waiting it out, and I crochet by candlelight.

and play angry birds on my ipod.
Thanks for putting it on my ipod son :)
copyright ©2011 Corrine Bayraktaroglu aka Jafabrit
All rights Reserved


CrochetBlogger said…
Your words sound so poetic. Inspires a haiku:

The whole town is out
I crochet by candlelight
Waiting it all out
JafaBrit's Art said…
that is cool, I like that, thanks :)
Anonymous said…
Aren't kids great? Worth every penny and sleepless night. NOW I'm waiting for grandkids...I hear they're even MORE fun! :-)

Anyway, sorry you guys caught the tail of this the craziest year for weather or what?
I completely gave up on trying to put in any 'cool' weather veggies (except carrots...and I'm trying to figure out what I can use for homemade shade cloth on those) and am going straight for the beans/tomatoes/peppers. I'm hopeful that they won't drown...meh.
Wish I could resist the dirt and just hole up and stitch or make art.
Stay warm and dry....Treen
Anonymous said…
oh....and i'm still waiting for this!