Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cancer Voodoo Dolls

I don't normally do commissions, but this was a special request. The above one is for bladder cancer and the one below is for brain cancer.

Each will go inside a special felt case.

art news
 Berlin Wall artists sue city in copyright controversy. Removing their murals due to maintenance is one thing, BUT having someone recreate their work because the artists wouldn't accept their measly offer is not acceptable.

Wow! glad our village is more supportive of public art and NOT like Greenwood Lake.

In Craftivist News:  what will happen to the giant ball of yarn by the Ladies Fancywork Society. I thought it added a very interesting commentary to the bear statue and really liked it.

10 Famous Artworks That Are Forever Damaged


Anonymous said...

tears and jeers....

Art said...

I quite like the bladder one. Does someone get to stab it with pins, is that the idea?

Debrina said...

OMG you're awesome! Whatever will you create next?!!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Yes, stab it with pins Art :)
thanks Debrina :)

Anonymous said...

Hey CB,
OK, maybe apropos of none of this, but I found this free download for the 'Free Ai Wei Wei' t-shirt off a link from the T Magazine (NYTimes) site today....It's been over a month now since they snagged him (April 3) and still no word....very worrisome.
Anyway, I printed it out on a plain ol' sheet of paper to tape into the back window of my car, but if you have photo/litho/silkscreen capabilities, you could do a t-shirt or banner or ? I believe Playtype offers this openly for personal use....:-)
Thanks for letting me post this!
Have a terrific weekend!