Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Arts Advocacy Day

Information about Arts Advocacy Day from Americans for the Arts

I often hear or read people say we don't need art, but it permeates and shapes our lives  in ways we don't immediately think of.
As Ellen Dissanayake states: "Art-making evolved as a behavior that contained advantages for human survival-and those advantages went far beyond what Charles Darwin ever imagined."

Almost Done

Just need to add some seed beads to the red parts of the panel. This is a mixture of black embroidery thread (long & short stitch), acrylic paint and fabric markers on linen.
woo hoo! nearly finished.
okay now I can start on the NEXT one.


Teresa said...

It's looking FABULOUS! Corrine!

I finally took thread and needle to my print of my grand-daughter last night. Started working on the hat.

I know Lori invited you and Nancy to our Goddess Party on the 16th...are you going to make it?

JafaBrit's Art said...

huh! what party??